Cookbook Collaborator

I love cookbooks. Always have. Over the years I have collected hundreds (yes hundreds) of cookbooks, both used and new. I read them like I would a magazine. They are more than a collection of recipes, each cookbook tells a story. Local chef and author, Rob Feenie, said it best in his book Rob Feenie Cooks at Lumiere. “Why and what I cook are my passions and beliefs, shared with anyone who cares to listen. Growing up, I listened to my mother’s food and heard it tell me how much she cared. It was a language I wanted to speak.” As a cookbook collaborator I want to help others to find their voice and tell their stories while sharing their food and capturing moments in time. 

Key services include:

  • Writer – Writing a cookbook can be a daunting but incredibly rewarding process, whether it is for yourself, your family, a non-profit organization or even a restaurant. As a skilled interviewer and researcher, I will work with you to organize and write all aspects of your cookbook by adopting a tone and style that truly represents your authentic voice.
  • Cookbook Proposal – Have a cookbook idea you want to pitch to a publisher? I can help you write a sound proposal and coach you through the publishing process.
  • Recipe Editor – Writing recipes in a clear and easy-to-follow format matters whether you are writing them for a cookbook, blog, social media or a website. I can help ensure that the writing, formatting and directions are well written and reflect your unique voice, style and approach. I will also make sure your ingredients and measurements are correct and offer alternatives when needed.
  • Recipe Tester – I love cooking from recipes, especially when they work. Recipe testing is an important process that sometimes gets overlooked. Just because the recipe works for you, doesn’t mean others are going to be able to replicate it. As a judge for the Taste Canada Awards, I have had to test hundreds of recipes over the last few years. I know what to look for and can help make sure your recipes work and that all the details make sense.
  • Project Manager – Planning to self-publish? Let me help you manage the entire process or specific parts along the way. This way you can focus on the writing and recipe development while I help you to stay on track and guide you through each step of getting your cookbook published. I can also help manage your team (e.g., photographer, recipe testers, printers, graphic designers, etc.) and support you in creating a viable marketing/sales plan.